KTA Head Instructor

Grandmaster Garth Cooley

Grandmaster Garth Cooley is an 8th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo certified by the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Certification Headquarters) and brings nearly four decades of experience as an international competitor, coach, and instructor to KTA students six days a week. Grandmaster Cooley was voted Indiana’s “Instructor of the Year” by USA Taekwondo. He also received a “Letter of Commendation” by the Kukkiwon for his outstanding leadership.

Grandmaster Cooley - 8th Degree Black Belt

National & International Sparring Records

Under the direction of Grandmaster Yoon (Founder of KTA), Grandmaster Cooley has not only achieved great success as an instructor, but he has also found that same success throughout his years as an international and national competitor. Grandmaster Cooley is the only instructor in the Midwest who has been a member and Team Captain of the U.S. National Taekwondo Team. As a two-time National Champion, Grandmaster Cooley also received Bronze Medals internationally at the World Games, Goodwill Games, and Pan American Championships. In 1993, he was named “Athlete of the Year” in Taekwondo by the United States Olympic Committee.

Grandmaster Cooley’s National & International Sparring Records

Poomsae Accomplishments

Since 2006, Grandmaster Cooley has enjoyed being a member of the U.S. National Poomsae Team and has competed at the World Poomsae Championships eight times as an individual as well as in pair and team categories.  He is one of very few Taekwondo Master Instructors in the United States who is actively competing, and this brings KTA students an even higher level of training not found at any other school in the region.

Grandmaster Cooley’s Poomsae Accomplishments


Grandmaster Cooley is a graduate of the University of Indianapolis and holds a degree in Business Administration. He also holds an International Referee Certification by World Taekwondo.

Led by Grandmaster Cooley, KTA also provides you with the largest and most experienced staff of certified Black Belt instructors, enabling us to give students the individual attention they need. We also provide special classes just for instructors and Black Belts to ensure that your instruction is consistent and top-notch!

Grandmaster Cooley is one of the most accomplished Taekwondo practitioners in the world and is often sought out by many in the Taekwondo community for consulting and seminars throughout the United States.

Grand Master Cooley’s Resume

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