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Frequently Asked Questions

Taekwondo is an ancient Korean form of martial art developed 2,000 years ago as a form of unarmed self-defense. Literally translated – “Tae” refers to foot or kicking, “Kwon” indicates hand or striking, and “Do” means art or method. The philosophy behind Taekwondo is that the practitioner should be able to stop an attacker immediately with one well-focused punch, strike, or kick to a vital area. This philosophy is clearly evident when observing a demonstration of Taekwondo. The power and spirit that is generated is awesome. A Taekwondo practitioner can maintain his or her peace of mind by having confidence in themselves without fear.

The various styles of martial arts are often compared by their use of “hard” or “soft” techniques. Taekwondo is a combination of “hard” and “soft”, which utilizes more kicking and less violent techniques than other martial arts. By comparison, Kung Fu is a “soft” style, while Karate is a “hard” style. Taekwondo is the only martial art that is an official Olympic medal sport, other than Judo, which makes it a more elite martial art among others. It is the most widely practiced martial art in the world and is one of the easiest and safest to learn. Unlike some martial arts which rely on outdated training methods, Taekwondo at KTA incorportes modern training methods while maintaining structure and tradition. Any martial art can work for you; however, the quality of instruction is far more important than “which style”. The instructor’s attitude, facilities, and atmosphere should all be considered in your process of school selection. We are confident that when you visit KTA and compare us to other schools/facilities/programs, then you will clearly see why we have continually, successfully, and consistently developed high-quality students in martial arts for four decades!

At KTA, we offer a unique and proven training program which is proven to increase focus, discipline, and coordination. Our staff continually educates and improves themselves, bringing the highest quality instruction to KTA students. KTA has produced the highest level athletes in the sport of Taekwondo in Indiana and in the U.S. Although most students do not compete at a high level, KTA brings this unique and proven methodology to all students – bringing out the best in each student – both physically and mentally – which enables them to embrace life’s challenges more successfully. We integrate our exclusive program with a fun, friendly, energetic, and challenging class atmosphere to enable each student to reach their personal best! Join us to see for yourself why KTA is the longtime leader in our field. We also welcome you to try out a class and experience our unique class atmosphere! See what makes KTA THE BEST!

Karate, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Judo, and hundreds of other martial arts and self-defense programs all offer practitioners physical self-defense techniques. At KTA, we know first-hand that the physical techniques we are teaching are very effective in a self-defense situation based on countless situations where our students had no other option but to defend themselves or their families. We operate under the philosophy that we must be vigilant and focused in our daily lives. Although the focus and confidence our students exude through weekly training generally wards off bullies and other predators, the self-defense skills we teach and HOW WE TEACH our students to use these techniques as a last resort are what sets us apart from other schools of martial arts. At KTA, we have fun, yet we take a uniquely structured and focused approach to our classes which develop our students’ self-defense mentally and not just physically. Our students benefit from the development of their confidence through consistent and professionally instructed training, which is a very important and key component to self-defense!

Just about anyone! At KTA, you will find an age range from 5-year-old children to adults well into their 60s! Your age and your physical make-up are not a factor at KTA since we work with each individual according to his or her pace and ability.

Although self-defense is the reason many people study Taekwondo, there are numerous other reasons: fitness, confidence, self-respect, self-discipline, easing tension, and relieving pressure. Whatever reasons one primarily studies Taekwondo, he or she soon becomes aware of many benefits of the training, both expected and unexpected. Taekwondo students feel healthy and physically fit and they are confident that they are learning to defend themselves. This quiet confidence filters through to all phases of their daily lives. As they progress in Taekwondo, students acquire a greater respect for themselves and for others.

A study of daily news will answer that question. The fact is, there is an assault every 90 seconds in the United States! Hopefully, you will not be the next victim, but isn’t it better to be prepared to cope with a situation if it does arrive?

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