KTA Founder

Grandmaster C.K. Yoon

Welcome to our school of physical fitness that teaches the ancient and scientific art of Taekwondo. In this age of turmoil, it is important that one maintain strength within one’s self (both mental and physical strength). Mainly so that one can cope with obstacles and difficulties in life more successfully. We sincerely hope that this school will serve you as an important institution where you can learn various virtues of the martial arts. This specifically includes self-discipline, respect, concentration, and competition. The instruction at KTA Schools is constantly directed toward that attainment of inner peace and tranquility within one’s self! Which will help us to develop harmony and peace with our fellow man.

Grand Master Chul Koo Yoon
9th Degree Black Belt – Founder

Grandmaster Chul Koo Yoon – Founder of Korea Taekwondo Academy (KTA)

As one of the founding fathers of Taekwondo in the United States, Grand Master Yoon has brought his 50+ years of experience to Indianapolis more than 40 years ago. Since then, he has promoted more than 3,000 students to Black Belt status. Meanwhile, the number continues to grow.

KTA was established by Grandmaster Yoon in 1974 with one main goal in mind. To promote and develop the art and science of Taekwondo throughout Indianapolis and its suburbs.

A 9th Degree Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt, Grand Master Yoon conducts all promotion tests for KTA students as well as special classes for Black Belts and instructors. His goals include continuing the growth of Taekwondo among the young and young at heart.

As Indiana State Taekwondo President from 1974-94, Grand Master Yoon promoted and developed Taekwondo in our state to its current Olympic status. In 1977, he was named “Instructor of the Year” by the World Taekwondo Federation. In 1990, he was named “Coach of the Year” by the United States Taekwondo Union for leading several outstanding National Champions and World medalists.

In 1981, Grand Master Yoon sponsored and hosted the 1st USTU Junior Olympics here in Indianapolis. Today that event has grown to be the largest in the U.S.! When Indianapolis hosted the Pan American Games in 1987, Grand Master Yoon successfully arranged the addition of Taekwondo as a new sport in the Games. Taekwondo was the first event in the Games that sold out! In addition, this was a key factor in catapulting Taekwondo into the 1988 Olympics where it made its debut as an Olympic Sport!

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