All American Challenge – August 13, 2011

Published: August 20, 2011

Congratulations KTA Team All American Challenge Saturday, August 13, 2011 Waukegan, IL Results Name Forms Sparring Allaina Bush 2nd 2nd Jennie Hsu 1st Levi King 2nd 2nd Alec Larson 2nd 2nd Jeremy Raymer 2nd   Great Job to Garrett Baker and Christian Mills! Special Thanks to Mr. Raymer for his leadership!

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June 2011

Published: June 11, 2011

Congratulations to those that passed their tests on June 10 & 11! We’re continuing to post our pictures on our Facebook Fanpage – the June promotion and black belt test photos will be up this week! We have updated our Official Calendar, so stay up to date and mark your calendars for KTA’s belt tests and activities! If…

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Ahn Classic – April 30

Published: April 30, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS  KTA TEAM! Ahn Classic Cincinnati, OH – April 2011 Team Results Garrett Baker – 3rd Sparring Juniors, 3rd Sparring Seniors FiIlip Beyl – 3rd Sparring Alliana Bush – 3rd Forms, 1st Breaking, 1st Sparring Sierra Gossett – 1st Breaking, 1st Sparring Stephen Henderson – 3rd Forms, 2nd Sparring Alec Larson – 2nd Sparring Mark…

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CONGRATULATIONS KTA TEAM! Northeast Technical Championships Coventry, CT – November 20, 2010   Adam George 2nd – Individual Kristi George 3rd – Individual, 1st – Pair Marie George 3rd – Individual Mark MacLaren 2nd – Individual, 2nd – Pair Matt MacLaren 3rd – Individual, 2nd – Pair Brent Mundy 1st – Individual, 3rd – Pair David…

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Indiana Invitational – November 13, 2010

Published: November 13, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS KTA TEAM! Indiana Invitational Results November 13, 2010   Team Results Sydney Aldridge – 1st Forms, 1st Sparring Fillip Beyl – 3rd Breaking, 3rd Sparring Allaina Bush – 2nd Forms, 1st Sparring Adam George – 3rd Sparring Stephen Henderson – 2nd Breaking, 1st Sparring Karl Hibbert – 2nd Breaking, 2nd Sparring Alec Larson – 1st…

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Champions Tournament – October 23, 2010

Published: October 23, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS KTA TEAM! Champions Tournament Dayton, OH – October 23, 2010   Team Results Garrett Baker- 2nd Sparring Fillip Beyl – Good Job Allaina Bush – 1st Form, 2nd Sparring Mark MacLaren – 1st Form, 3rd Sparring Matt MacLaren – 3rd Sparring *Jeremy Raymer – 2nd Sparring Brandon Shinabarger – 1st Form, 2nd Sparring David Skinner-…

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