Published: February 9, 2020

2-9-20: Last Week’s Tests Recap – Upcoming Events

February 9, 2020

Dear KTA Students and Families,

At your earliest convenience, please take two minutes to read congrats, recognition, and see upcoming events/dates.

Thanks to all for your support and participation at great tests last Friday and Saturday! Both tests went very smoothly thanks to the support of our Black Belt leaders as well as well-prepared students!

Friday night’s test was highlighted by outstanding demonstration sequences by our KTA Demo Team and several students testing for higher degrees that joined in to show their additional required special board breaking and self-defense skills.  Great job to all!

Saturday’s Black Belt Test was highlighted by several attaining new degrees – some by black belts who have been training for several decades.  Multiple generations of students and families have been training at KTA for decades and our Black Belt Test was timely and a great reminder of our history, culture, and success; particularly with the beginning of a new year and decade as well as 2020 KTA’s 46th anniversary.

Students: Congratulations! Your energy, positive attitude, and continued effort both leading up the tests and at the tests was clearly evident and we had two action packed days of excitement and success!  Come back to classes THIS WEEK and set your goal to attend 3 classes each week!

Families & Friends: Your continued support of those training and testing yielded great performances on both days and we hope you enjoyed seeing your friends and loved ones perform at the tests!

If you have videos or still shot photos that you would like to share, please feel free to email, send a link, or bring them in on a flash drive. We will post to our lobby slideshow, Facebook Page, Instagram, etc. Group photos will be posted to our website soon. If you would like a specific group photo, please let me know.

For all who tested and passed, please check your User Account profile to be sure your rank has been adjusted to the appropriate level. Your name badge in the do-jang should also now be in the correct spot. Let us know if you see any discrepancies when you are in classes this week.

Thanks to everyone who stayed and supported the entire tests to cheer on those who tested later. This is how it should be, it meant a lot to those who tested later in the day, and it says a lot about your dedication, commitment, and support of others. Great job!

Major Milestones!

Special Congratulations to our new KTA 1st Degree Black Belts and welcome to our KTA Black Belt family!

  • Micah Doty
  • Patrick Greene
  • Antoine Jones
  • Abby Kaufman
  • Alex Manion
  • Owain Rees
  • Chase Rivera
  • Wynn Taylor
  • Devin Troxell
  • Hanna Yaeger-Busch
  • Ayrton Zolicoffer

Higher Dan Accomplishments!

Congratulations to our new KTA 2nd Degree Black Belts.

  • Alex Bickel
  • Jill Cooley
  • David Gould
  • Mark Vincent
  • Janna Wade
  • Brayden Warrick

Congratulations to Gloria Hughey for attaining her 3rd Degree Black Belt!  In addition to maintaining consistency in Taekwondo classes as a student and a leader, Gloria is also a Gumdo Black Belt and a very busy mom!  Awesome job, Gloria!

Congratulations to David George for attaining 4th Dan Black Belt!  David is also very active within KTA as a leader and one of our Gold Team Coaches while also participating in our developing Hapkido program. Well done, David!   

I am very proud and appreciative to have the continued opportunity to train and see so many students at many levels grow, improve, and reach new goals!  Congratulations again to all of you on such dedication and commitment to reach such high goals!


Our next Promotion Test will be on Friday, April 17th. This date – along with all of our test dates through the end of 2020 – are posted in your User Account Document Library. Please plan accordingly and keep these dates open as not to miss these important opportunities progress further in your training and stay motivated.  Come back to class this week!

Saturday, March 7thKTA Intra-School Tournament – FOR EVERYONE!  See Info at KTA or in your Document Library & Register THIS WEEK AT KTA and qualify to attend additional training classes starting this Tuesday and Friday at 7 p.m.

Saturday, & Sunday – March 21st & 22nd: U.S. Champions Poomsae Performance Camp – Teen & Adult Black Belts Only. See Grandmaster Cooley THIS WEEK to determine your eligibility and register AT KTA – NOT ONLINE. 

Saturday, March 28th Show Me Cup Tournament – Fenton, MO (St. Louis area) Forms, Team Forms, Sparring, Team Sparring competition.  We will determine eligibility for this event based on performances at our March 7th Intra-School Tournament as well as level of attendance and work ethic in classes.  If you are interested, we expect to see you A LOT!  More details to follow for those who meet the criteria. 

Thanks for your attention. Please see us in classes this week or contact us if we can answer any questions.


Grandmaster Cooley & KTA Instructors

Published: February 9, 2020

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